Monoportion Pistachio Tiramisù


Pompi pistachio tiramisu is hand-crafted and daily fresh dessert with rigorously selected Italian ingredients: mascarpone cheese, Piedmont biscuits, Italian pistachio nuts and syrup. The Pompi tiramisù cream is blended with handmade pistachio sauce that’s completely free from preservatives, artificial colours, flavours and additives. It is made only with natural ingredients.

No alcohol inside and caffeine free, naturally tasty and sweet.

The fresh-made Pompi Tiramisù is subject to the blast chilling to preserve its integrity and to avoid possible contamination, that’s the main reason why the Pompi Tiramisù is a Frozen product.

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Monoportion pistachio tiramisu flavour is made with mascarpone cheese and Piedmont biscuits according to the Pompi Italian recipe blended with a delicious pistachio syrup, free from chemical additives or colourants. Crunchy pistachio nuts are on top. We use only the Italian pistachio, really appreciated for its marvelous green color and great taste.

If you like Pistachio, you’ll get crazy with pistachio tiramisù Pompi.  The Pompi monoportion pistachio box includes a spoon; it’s made with pulp an eco-friendly and compostable material to preserve the freshness of tiramisu dessert inside helping to reduce the use of plastics.

Recommendations for storage

Once the Tiramisù is +5° C must be kept only in the fridge at a positive temperature (4°-5° C) and will last for 2-3 days max. The Tiramisù that has been kept in the fridge must be consumed within 48 hours, if you have any doubt we recommend to taste before eating it or to contact the sales support team.

In any case, it is strictly prohibited to freeze tiramisù again, contact our sales support team for further information.,

Tips for enjoying our tiramisù.

To fully enjoy the taste and the flavour of Pompi tiramisù, we recommend asking the sales staff or writing down in the note at the checkout, when exactly you are going to eat your tiramisù.  We’ll provide you with a tiramisù at the right temperature.

If it is still frozen, then allow to come up to room temperature before serving.

No-alcohol inside: suitable for Muslim and kids consumption.

Only pasteurized eggs: suitable for pregnant women consumption.

Pistachio tiramisu flavoured is totally caffeine – free.

List of allergens: tiramisù may contain traces of nuts, sesame, soy milk and peanuts.

Totally free from preservatives, artificial colours or additives.

Pistachio nuts are from Italy.

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