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Birthday Cake London

We Spread Joy of Life though Amazing Cakes and Best Tiramisù in Town!

The Best Tiramisu in Town and Birthday Cake delivered to your door

A perfect party needs the perfect cake. When it goes to creating the perfect cake, a wonderful look is important but is not where it all stops. If you want to leave a mark and make your guests delighted, there is no better way to achieve it than to have a slice of Italian Tiramisu or amazing cake with an unforgettable taste. 

Our cakes looks good and are good too! We don't use chemical additives, colorants but only fresh natural ingredients and the right amount of sugar. 

Moreover our tiramisu and cakes are elegantly decorated by using fresh fruits, cream, chocolate and our pastry chef's creativity. Less is more.....less sugar, less colorants, less additives means more natural, good and fresh taste. This is the reason why our cakes and tiramisu have a great taste! 

Bring Joy to your Party

Discover the Joiy of Life with one of our Tiramisu and Cakes

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What Makes our Cakes Amazing

Italian Cakes that Looks Good and Taste Better! 

Our Italian cakes and tiramisu taste good as they look. The look of our cakes is important to us and our pastry chefs use all their creativity to create amazing cakes to positively impress your guests. But according to our Italian food tradition, the taste has the same importance. We use only fresh and natural ingredients to create tasteful cake to delight your sweet tooth.

Natural Fresh Ingredients

Natural fresh ingredients that mixed make our tiramisu and cakes very tasteful. Our pastry chefs use high quality raw ingredients like mascarpone cheese, milk, free-range eggs, chocolate and few other but delicious ones with the right amount of sugar. Moreover thanks to the blast chilling method, we have fresh products that lasts some days without using preservatives or chemical additives and avoiding the food waste.

Pastry Chefs' Creativity

Our pastry chefs have knowledge, skill and creativity for combining and working with quality Italian and British ingredients to bake and make Italian and International classic patisserie and modern recipes. Reach us and tell us more about your bespoke cake, our pastry chefs will turn your dream cake into reality.

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