About Pompi

Pompi is a family company founded in Rome 60 years ago when the founder Giuliano Pompi opened a small dairy on Albalonga street, in the historic heart of Rome. The Pompi place was initially pretty small but its homemade ice creams were realy appreciated. In fact, Giuliano had attended the handcraft gelato school and he used to manufacture ice cream by hand, a special technique. In the sixties and seventies, Giuliano has been working with passion and zeal to turn the small dairy Pompi into a reference point for those who were looking for high quality products.


Il Tiramisù Pompi

In the eighties, Giuliano, being supported by his ambition and his family, decided to add new pastry goods by creating his personal tiramiù recipe, well known dessert in the world: the Tiramisù Pompi. Despite being appreciated, the tiramisù was not so common until that moment. Giuliano, instead, gave to classic tiramisù dessert a new leafe of life thanks to a powerful mix of natural raw materials and a good dose of creativity. The customers appreciated Giuliano’s tiramisù recipe and Pompi became “the kingdome of tiramisu” within a few years: today the Tiramisu Pompi is also a “tourist actraction” for those who visit the Eternal City.


The Company

After the Giuliano’s death in 1997, his heirs decided to carry on the business with the precise intent to expand it as far as possible, opening up a new era for the brand thanks to a positive general economic trend and the modern needs of customers. The company also decided to register the trademark to defend it granting the legal protection. In 2007 a first transformation occurred by expanding and renewing the original place and building a new laboratory to manufacture different types of pastry goods to better respond to a growing market.
The company further committed investments to increase the number of sales points and to optimize the production capacity by inaugurating in 2014 a new plant in Albano where the production is on industrialised scale but the production process is still handicraft.

Today the Pompi production plant based in Albano supplies the Italian and Asian stores thanks to this important factors: the growing demand for Pompi products and the ability of the artisan Italian gelato chain to generate wealth. In 2015 the turnover generated has exceeded 2 billion euros in Italy and, as for example, the European Parliament has granted the Italian artisan gelato a protected product, strong encouraging the traders and their suppliers to invest in maintaining one of the driving symbols in the Made in Italy.

The company’s milestones
2011 – The company opens a new store in the center of Rome, just close to the Spanish Steps. Thanks to the strategic position, customers are both local and tourists from North Europe, Asia, America and Arabi.
From 2013 till present: the Italian and International franchise network.

Official Recognition

Premio Internazionale Cartagine 2012
In 2012 the company received the Italian Official Recognition “Premio Internazionale Cartagine”.
The ceremony in the Promoteca Hall in the Capitol in Rome, has awarded the Pompi family for the work done over the years (in the photo Roberto and Cinzia Pompi while receive the award). The “Carthaginian International Prize” is a prestigious award for those who have contributed, in Italy and abroad, to the development and the diffusion of culture and knowledge in the various fields, in the supreme interest of elevating and promoting progress people, the search for truth, freedom, justice and peace, and hence of universal brotherhood. The Prize represents an ideal “Ponte di cultura” among people facing the “Mediterranean”, which at the time of Carthaginian civilization was the only “known and known world”. The particularity of being awarded the “Carthaginian Award” as personalities “known in the Mediterranean world and even more internationally” is equivalent to being recognized, in modern times, as “deserving characters to be known at the universal level not only for the goals Professional or artistic acquisitions, but also for the activities carried out in support of culture, peace and solidarity. ” A unique and original feature of the “Carthage Award” is to recognize which illustrious characters, not only those who already have an important and well-known background to the community but, above all, those personalities who work, to build a virtuous and decisive path in various fields : From social commitment to medical research, from the dissemination of culture to entrepreneurship and the economy. It is possible to say that the “Carthaginian Award” wishes to aggregate and put into relationships people, such as Roberto and Cinzia Pompi, who work every day to make our world better with concrete and lasting actions. The high profile of socio-cultural and institutional is also reiterated by the participation in the event of numerous, renowned and authoritative representatives at national and international level, belonging to the world of politics, culture, social solidarity and entertainment.

“Storie d’Impresa” – speciale dedicato alle Eccellenze Italiane nel Mondo

The special “Business Stories” dedicated an important article to the company as an Italian Excellence in the world, emphasizing the importance and uniqueness of the Pompi brand on the international scene as synonymous of handicraft and quality.