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Chocolate eggs

Pompi is the King of Tiramisu and pastry innovation. Since the 1960s our mission is to spread the joy of life through delicious pastries, gorgeous cakes and mouth watering tiramisu, the Italian Excellence. 

Pompi Italian Easter delights

Easter is just around the corner and it's time to indulge in one of our exclusive Italian Easter delights like the Chocolate Eggs filled with classic or strawberry Pompi Tiramisu and Colomba Easter Italian Cake, layered with delicious Pompi tiramisu cream. 

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About Pompi

Our story

Pompi is a family company founded in Rome 60 years ago when the founder Giuliano Pompi opened a small dairy on Albalonga street, in the historic heart of Rome. The Pompi place was initially pretty small but its homemade ice creams were realy appreciated.

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Italian Food Excellence

Pompi is committed to promote the Italian food tradition in the world, pursuing excellence.

Environmental Care

As a part of our efforts to respect the environment, our packaging is eco-friendly and compostable.

A family – owned Company

The Italian Pompi family is the only owner of the brand and the company, keeping alive the passion of Giuliano Pompi, the founder.