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Italian Tiramisu Excellence

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Pompi is the King of Tiramisu and pastry innovation. Since 1960, when the company was founded in Rome by Giuliano Pompi, our mission is to spread the joy of life through scrumptious pastries, amazing cakes and mouth watering tiramisu, the Italian Excellence. 

The Italian delights to your door

London cake delivery service is available within M25 at affordable prices 7 days a week. Check the map if your postcode is included or contact us.

Order cakes online ahead now for deliveries within the M25.

The Tiramisu

Single Servings

Artisanal tiramisu wrapped in a takeaway box suitable for one person, available in five great flavors. Also gluten - free.

Tiramisu family size dessert London Delivery

Family Size

World famous tiramisu wrapped in family-size boxes. Available in five different delicious flavors. 

Tiramisu Cake

Bespoke cakes made of Pompi tiramisu available in five flavors and different amazing shapes.

The Cakes

You and your guests deserve the best. Choose among these collection of tasting cakes, lovingly created by our pastry chefs.
Whatever the occasion, Pompi has the perfect cake: birthday cakes, celebration cakes, chocolate cakes, fruit cakes, engagement cakes, baby shower cakes, cakes for kids...It's not a celebration without a Pompi Cake!

Birthday cake delivery London

Birthday Cakes

Stunning birthday cakes made for sharing with family and friends.

Celebration cake sameday delivery London

Celebration Cakes

Chocolate, fruity or classic cakes for all occasion and celebration.

Heartshape san valentine anniversary cake sameday delivery London

Heart Shaped Cakes

Say "I love you" with our special romantic heart - shaped cakes.

Baby shower gender reveal cake sameday delivery London

Baby Shower Cakes
Gender reveal 

Let our baby shower cake do the talking when expecting a baby! 

The Perfect
Wedding Cake

Make your Special Day even more Special with the perfect Wedding Cake! Pompi pastry chefs make from scratch stunning bespoke wedding cakes with the high-quality ingredients and Italian design.
Wedding cake delivery service to the party venue is available 365 days a year within London.

Italian Desserts

A delicious selection of desserts to satisfy your taste buds. We have the best desserts filled with the finest quality ingredients, lovingly handcrafted.
Choose among yummy desserts like Pompi Profiteroles, Mont Blanc, classic or strawberry Mimosa, chocolate or pistachio Rocher. Dessert for a crowd, for a special occasion or simply to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Mont black dessert sameday delivery London

Mont Blanc
Italian Marron Glacé

Handcrafted with precious ingredients. The Marron glacé meringue covers a heart of whipped cream and delicious chocolate drops.

Pistachio or Chocolate

Pistachio or chocolate flavored dessert lovingly made of a pastry ball perfectly baked, filled with pistachio cream or hazelnut spread.

Chocolate or Strawberry 

Italian dessert made of vanilla sponge cake filled with delicate Chantilly cream and luscious chocolate drops or fresh strawberries.

Unforgettable Corporate Events

Choose world class Pompi tiramisu, unique desserts and amazing cakes to make special a corporate event, a party, a seminar, an awards or even a client event. Reach us for catering and bespoke events information.
We deliver to your office all day within London.

handmade italian food london delivery

Handmade Quality Certification

Quality, Tradition, and Reliability.

Pompi tiramisu is certified and labelled as 100% artisanal high - quality product, complying with the traditional handmade process of tiramisu making and the modern HACCP procedures.

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Our loved customers

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corporate events delivery london
corporate events delivery london
corporate events delivery london


Italian Food Excellence

Pompi is committed to promote the Italian food tradition in the world, pursuing excellence.

Environmental Care

As a part of our efforts to respect the environment, our packaging is eco-friendly and compostable.

A family – owned Company

The Italian Pompi family is the only owner of the brand and the company, keeping alive the passion of Giuliano Pompi, the founder.